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Direct Disposal’s commitment to environmental stewardship is the cornerstone of what we do and is reflected in the services we provide.

Our company has a proven track record as a leader and innovator in promoting and facilitating recycling on the Sunshine Coast.

As a result, our ever-increasing and evolving recycling services now constitute over 60% of our business operations and we have become the largest commercial recycler on the Peninsula.

We are currently processing 90% of the recyclables collected on the Sunshine Coast at our state-of-the-art Recycling Center. This facility is equipped with a semi-automated sort line, an air movement system, magnetic separators and balers, all of which enable us to process 12 tonnes of material per day.

The high quality of our end-product has enabled us to establish stable markets and solid relationships with brokers.

DDC Recycling Facility

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Commercial and Industrial Recycling

Join our ‘green team’ and become part of the solution.

Simply by removing the recyclable material from your waste stream, you can significantly reduce your landfill costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

Let Direct Disposal customize a recycling program for your business, mobile home park or multi-family complex that incorporates the following materials:

• paper • cardboard • plastics • metal •

Our recycling containers vary in size and we can develop a collection schedule designed to meet your particular needs.

To find out more about the materials that we accept, consult our residential curbside recycling sort-guide.

Residential Recycling (District of Sechelt Curbside Program)

Thanks to their visionary leadership, in 2006, the District of Sechelt accepted our proposal for a single-stream (co-mingled) curbside recycling program and Sechelt has become “the greenest community on the Sunshine Coast. In 2013 alone, our program diverted 645 metric tones of recyclable material from Sechelt’s residential waste stream and, in the process,  saved the District and its taxpayers $96,750 in landfill costs! The success of our program is in its convenience and simplicity. We provide every single-family household in Sechelt with the means, opportunity and incentive to recycle.

How does it work?

DDC Recycling

  • The municipal garbage collection area has been divided into two separate zones (yellow and red ). Each area is serviced on alternating Mondays including all statutory holidays except Christmas Day. See our Sort Guide/Calendar to determine your zone and collection schedule.
  • Every eligible single-family dwelling is supplied with one of our blue recycling carts. These carts are assigned to the property and must remain there in the event that the resident moves.
  • Residents are provided with a sort guide which outlines the wide spectrum of recyclable materials that can be put in the cart. No sorting is required. Glass has not been included in our collection because of the high energy costs associated with recycling it, the lack of viable markets for glass and because of safety concerns for our workers.
  • On collection day, residents simply place their carts at the curb by 8:00 am.
  • Our drivers will remove any non-recyclable items that they spot in your cart and leave a note explaining why something has been left behind.
  • All materials collected are taken to our Recycling Center where they are weighed, processed and shipped to markets in the Lower Mainland.

Recycling FAQ

  1. I live in Halfmoon Bay. Can I have one of your blue carts?
  2. What should I do with dead dry-cell batteries?
  3. Why can’t I put glass in my blue cart?
  4. Will you be emptying blue carts on Easter Monday?
  5. Where can I get another recycling guide/schedule?
  6. Where can I recycle my old computer?
  7. Can my used cooking oil be recycled?

Question: I live in Halfmoon Bay. Can I have one of your blue carts?


Unfortunately, our curbside recycling collection is only available within the District of Sechelt. You should take your recyclables to the Sunshine Coast Regional District depot located at 5800 Black Bear Road.

Question: What should I do with dead dry-cell batteries?


London Drugs recycles used dry-cell batteries.

Question: Why can’t I put glass in my blue cart?


We don’t accept glass because broken glass poses a safety concern for our sorters and it can contaminate, and thus reduce the value, of our recyclables. In addition, the markets for glass are limited because of the high energy cost associated with recycling it.

Question: Will you be emptying blue carts on Easter Monday?


Yes. We collect on ALL statutory holidays except Christmas Day so put your cart out.

Question: Where can I get another recycling guide/schedule?


Hard copies of the current schedules will be available in late April at which time you can pick one up at our office @ 6041 Sechelt Inlet Rd. or at the District of Sechelt Municipal Office @ 5797 Cowrie St. or download a copy here .

Question: Where can I recycle my old computer?


Electronic waste is accepted free of charge at Gibsons Recycling Facility @ 1018 Venture Way

Question: Can my used cooking oil be recycled?


Absolutely! Used cooking oil is accepted @ no charge at the Sechelt landfill site.