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DO NOT apply bear spray to your garbage cans!   The active ingredient disperses into the air when the can is opened and poses a serious health and safety risk to our staff.   Any garbage can that appears to have bear spray applied to it will not be emptied.


Absolutely NO GLASS is permitted in your blue reycycing cart

During the collection process, any glass items will invariably get broken.  Broken glass poses a serious hazard to our sort-line workers and  downgrades the value of the materials that you have so concientiously recycled.  

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to keep our communtity clean ‘n green!

One thing that can’t be recycled is wasted time!

The Sunshine Coast defines itself by it’s environmental conciousness. Yet, amazingly, for the majority of Coast residents, available recycling services are woefully outdated and inadequate.
There is well-documented evidence that the highest landfill diversion rates are achieved through cart-based, curbside, single-stream (meaning you don’t have to sort your recyclables) recycling programs. They have been the gold-standard for decades in Europe and the Maritime Provinces where landfill space is at a premium. And many B.C. communities, both large and small, have adopted this system.
While the collection of recyclables, through any kind of system, will not in itself achieve zero waste, a curbside system sets the stage for the other essential part of the equation, a curbside organics collection program. Organic material makes up about 40% of our waste stream. Yet it is infinitely recycalable.

As a result of their curbside recycling and organics collection programs, the cities of Port Moody and Port Coquitlam have been named the GVRD’s “Green Leaders”. Port Moody has aready surpassed the GVRD’s 2015 recycling goals by recycling 73% of their residential waste. In contrast, the communities of Belcarra and Annmore are at the bottom of the GVRD’s recycling list. Notably, neither of these two communities have implemented organics programs and their recycling programs are depot-based and source-separated, respectively.

We could and should be Green Leaders too! It’s time to embrace proven technologies that will enable us to achieve our goals of zero waste. Remember, the one thing that can’t be recycles is wasted time and more than enough of our time, money and resources have already been wasted debating this issue!

Garbage Schedule

The Residential Waste Collection Schedule is now available for download:

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