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Due to the snowfall experienced on the Sunshine Coast on Friday 23rd February 2018, many residential garbage pick-ups did not occur. Therefore, the regular garbage pick-up scheduled for Friday 2nd March will allow a double quantity of garbage pick-up at no charge to the customer.

Residential Collection Times

Although you may be accustomed to your garbage or recycling being collected at a given time of the day, please note that there are numerous factors (road, traffic and weather conditions and changes to driver assignments, to name a few) which can prevent us from being at the same place at the same time each week.

To ensure that you don’t miss our truck, please have your garbage  at the curb by 8:00 am and don’t be alarmed if  our driver doesn’t arrive at  the ‘usual’ time.  Do call us if  he hasn’t come by  3:00 pm so we look into the situation and either return to your neighborhood or make other arrangements.

We appreciate your patience & cooperation.

No Bungee Cords Please!

Please unhook any bungee cords or tie-downs you may be using to secure the lid of your garbage can BEFORE setting it out on collection day. 

The hazard of a bungee cord is in the sudden release of a large amount of  stored energy. When a worker releases a bungee cord, particularly one that’s been over-stretched, the free end and hook can recoil at speeds  up to 100 kilometers per hour , causing significant injury on impact.  Statistics show that the majority of bungee cord injuries involve the face and are becoming an increasingly common cause of severe and penetrating eye injuries.  Thankfully, to date, none of our workers has sustained an injury but there have been close calls.

Direct Disposal is committed to the prevention of workplace injuries and we request & appreciate your cooperation.


Residential Garbage Weight Resrictions

Your garbage man lifts and carries hundreds of garbage bags and cans during the course of his work day.  This very demanding work can be back-breaking.  Please help protect him from injury by keeping your garbage container within the weight limits set out by municipal bylaws – 20 kg or 44 lbs per bag/can.  If it weighs more than this, a simple solution is to separate your refuse into two cans or bags.  Although, in most cases, you’ll have to purchase a tag for the additional bag, doing so will ensure that nothing gets left behind.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!

No Paper Towels in Your Blue Cart Please

All participants in our curbside recycling program should take note that paper towels, either used or clean, should NOT be put in your blue carts.  We apologize for any inconvenience that this  unfortunate omission in our sort guide may have caused.


DO NOT apply bear spray to your garbage cans!   The active ingredient disperses into the air when the can is opened and poses a serious health and safety risk to our staff.   Any garbage can that appears to have bear spray applied to it will not be emptied.


Absolutely NO GLASS is permitted in your blue reycycing cart

During the collection process, any glass items will invariably get broken.  Broken glass poses a serious hazard to our sort-line workers and  downgrades the value of the materials that you have so concientiously recycled.  

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to keep our communtity clean ‘n green!