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Direct Disposal Corporation
Direct Disposal Corp. (DDC), a thriving company based in Sechelt, B.C.,  provides a full-spectrum of waste management & recycling services to a large and diverse group of commercial, industrial and residential clients throughout the lower Sunshine Coast.  We strive to provide professional, reliable and affordable services which emphasize waste reduction and recycling.

DDC About Us

Proudly the largest company of its kind in the region, DDC has undergone phenomenal growth since 1993 when we commenced operations with only one truck and one driver. Our growth and success can be directly attributed to our progressive attitudes, service orientation and our innovative, cost-effective practices.

DDC is a proven leader and innovator in the promotion of recycling and waste stream diversion on the Sunshine Coast.

Initially, commercial/industrial waste collection and disposal was our primary focus. However, our commitment to the environment along with our dedication to addressing our customers’ diverse needs led to ever-increasing and evolving recycling operations and our current status as the largest recycler on the Sunshine Coast.

  • We were the first to provide cardboard, scrap metal and gypsum collection & recycling to the local commercial/industrial sector.
  • We engineered a system which converts boom wrap cable from a noxious waste product into #1 steel.  As the only company in the Pacific Northwest capable of doing this on a production basis, DDC has developed a large forest sector clientele on the Sunshine Coast as well as B.C.’s Lower Mainland.
  • We have developed a state-of-the-art processing facility which handles an extensive volume of recyclable materials collected throughout the Sunshine Coast.
  • We brought curb-side recycling to the residents of Sechelt. By providing every single-family household with the opportunity, means and incentive to recycle, our program ensures optimal waste-steam diversion.